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De-Shed Treatments-
What's included?

Some results from the de-shed treatments

 If your pet is constantly shedding and you'd like it to stop, our de-shed treatments may be just the thing for you!
 Our de-shed treatments consist of a special de-shedding shampoo, which we let sit on your pet for approximately 10 minutes, to let the shampoo soak into the hair shafts. This shampoo oxygenates the roots of the hair, causing it to shed all at once, rather than all month! Next, we use conditioner on your pet, further helping the hair to loosen enough to come out and giving the coat a wonderful soft texture. This is followed by the dryer, which blows lots more hair off.
Finally, we use either a Furminator comb or a Coat King comb to gently rake out the loose hair, until either, 1) All, or nearly all the shed hair is removed and no more comes out on the comb, or 2) Your pet's skin begins to look pink, indicating it's time to stop.  
  These treatments add approximately an extra half hour to your groom, but should make a big difference in th amount of hair your pet sheds, hopefully lasting the whole month! We charge about $15 extra for the treatments, depending on the size of your pet.
  *Please note: Upon the return of your pet to you after his/her groom, you may notice more shedding than before the treatment, and could last for another 48 hours or so. This is totally normal, as the shampoo has long-term effects and continues to oxygenate the roots for a couple days. So all you have to do is vacuum once after 48 hours, and you should be good after that. Extremely long-haired dogs such as Samoyeds may still shed a good deal at first, but hopefully will not in the long run. If you'd like us to repeat the procedure because after 48 hours your pet is still shedding a lot, just let us know, and we will come back to repeat it. We value your satisfaction! 

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