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Our Mission

~To treat each and every animal with the love, respect, and attention they deserve, and always with a caring and gentle touch.
~To provide a clean, safe, and stress-free environment where owners will feel confident leaving their pets for care.
~To provide the best customer service possible.
~To always advocate for the animals' health, safety, welfare, and comfort, over other factors, such as schedules or more money. In other words, to take our time, and not put the animal at risk by rushing through a groom, but still getting the animal finished in a timely manner.
~To remember how each and every animal is, "a work of art"!
Our Business Policies and Core Beliefs:
 (A note from the groomer)
     I am determined to run my business the way I believe it should be run- with morality, dignity, and love. We mean it when we say, "Grooming With Love"- love for the animal, and love for doing business the right way- even if it means less money. I firmly believe it will pay off in the end- running a company doing the right thing."
Thank You,
Olga Brumm
Animal Artistry Grooming

Animal Artistry Grooming   Phone: (858) 740-4516
San Diego, CA                    E-mail: Admin@AnimalArtistryGrooming.com