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Our Services


We Offer:

Dog Grooming (all breeds, sizes, and ages)

Cat Grooming

Small Animal Grooming (rabbits, ferrets, etc.)

Bath & Brush

Bath & Brush + trim (breed specific)

Shave downs

Poodle Trims (all)

Rare breed grooming

Flea Control

Aged/Disabled pet groomng

Puppy's 1st Groom

Specialty & Earth-friendly shampoos & conditioners

De-shedding treatments

Light De-matting*

Tear/Saliva stain removal using Eye Envy (click below)


*Determined on a case by case basis. Heavy de-matting is painful and goes against our Mission Statement. We will, however, be happy to show you brushing techniques to use between grooms!

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Animal Artistry Grooming   Phone: (858) 740-4516
San Diego, CA                    E-mail: Admin@AnimalArtistryGrooming.com